Write it down or digital? What’s your style?

📝I’m still a “write it down on paper” kind of girl. I much prefer to have my diary, my note pad, and my white boards for inspiration.

After I had my children my short term memory is pretty much completely gone! Anyone else? They call it baby brain but I am yet to see it disappear! If I need to remember someting or do something I write it down.

All inspiration I have for content or things to add to my to do list are immediately written. If I don’t have my note book with me then it goes directly into my notes on my phone until I have my notepad.

I just can’t keep it stored in my head! It’s too much of a mental load to remember who is doing what and when! Once it is in the diary it will not be forgotten.

I’ve tried switching to digital calendars,fancy apps or notebooks, but it never sticks. I always revert back to putting good ol’ pen to paper.⁠

I like the visual aspect of it being open on my desk, or there on my notebook, rather than tucked away on my phone or laptop.

Whats your style? Or are you amazing and have a fab mental load capacity?

I posted similar to this on my Instagram and was so surprised at the engagement of nearly everyone was still a pen to paper rather than digital! And the mental load of a mum is a true and fierce thing to be reckoned with!