Hi Ladies, Sorry I’ve been super quiet on here! Had a mini Social Media Detox, and now I’m Back!

Let’s talk product based services. There is a small clip of this on my Insta Story & Also my FB story but I’ll go into a lot more detail on here.

If you have a product based business the best thigs you can do is create a VIP Facebook group, You’re very own, the algorithms haven’t seem to hit the groups (yet) and most posts actually get seen if your group haven’t unfollowed you.

This is where you can post deals, run VIP competitions to keep people excited and engaged, really engage with your audience and give them sneak peaks of new products.

It is an opportunity to stay in your customers mind, which is great for new product launches, resells and also upsells. If you haven’t made one I highly suggest it. Link it to your FB profile, and link your business page to it too!

The other topic for this is influencer marketing. Microinfluencers are a WHOLE LOT better than celebrities, reasons for this;

*Microinfluencers usually have a smaller following that are highly targeted and engaged

*Microinfluencers are a whole lot cheaper – they will probably be happy with just the product itself, and you wont have to pay them to post too

*You could give 5 Micros the product for the price of a high cost influencer!

*Some Celeb influencers all they do is plug products so their following actually don’t care what they’re promoting.

Choose your Influencers VERY carefully. Do not just look at following. Look at their engagement. Especially comments. (Remember, followers and likes can be brought) and “influencers” can do this to appear to have a large following.

Has anyone here had a bad experience with influencers? Or used Influencers before? Comment Below, I’d love to hear your experiences.



Choose Your Influencer Wisely